What is it ?

An app to provide medication clarity and connect care givers under quarantine

Designed for quarantines measures, Docto is a pharmacy consultation App that provides quick over the counter medication recommendations for patients with mild flu symptoms.


Market research
Design Direction
UI Prototyping
Video animation


Feb - Apr 2020


COVID guidelines put patients with mild flu symptoms under much fear and uncertainty

When COVID-19 first had it's outbreak in 2019, patients with mild illnesses are recommended to isolate and self recover with over the counter medications. Many patients with mild flu symptoms hesitate to consult a doctors due to fear of contracting virus at the clinic.

What was causing the fear? 

Information Barrier

Patients are unsure what to purchase looking at the wide
range of medication in the market


Speculations on covid symptoms were constantly changing, overshadowing the right solutions.

Sense of Disconnection

Families are separated due to quarantine measures. Children are unable to care for parents.


How can assist patients in choosing over the counter medication with confidence?

How can we reduce uncertainty in the quarantine process?


Docto was designed with 4 main goals - to diagnose, recommend, guide and monitor.

Below is the execution process we took to achieve the final outcome ↓

Transition Diagram

A state transition diagram is first illustrated to visualise the possible interactions and outcomes . Connecting the features that we envision our product to have, this step allows seamless transition from one function to another.


Wireframes were then created to visualise the interaction flow as well as the general layout of the App. This wireframe was used as a reference later on during the App making process.


Once design elements are finalised we moved on to using Thunkable to develop our design. Repeated testing and multiple changes were made to achieve our intended outcome.