Holey Poley

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What is it ?

An universal toy parts connector designed to pre-long the lifespan of plastic toys

Designed to combat toy wastage, Holey Poley aims to reconnect the relationship between children and unwanted plastic toys. Old toy parts can be joined together using Holey Poley to form a new one and played over and over again.


User Testing
Form Exploration
Packaging Design


Aug - Oct 2019


Jieying (Designer)
Zephanie Lim (Designer)

product overview

What if we can repurpose old plastic toys through play?

Holey Poley is reusable kit consisting of panel and sticks of different shape and sizes to connect different toy parts.

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Combine plastic toy parts with the kit’s panels and sticks to recreate new ones

Using affordance of connecting holes found in palm size plastic toy parts , the tapered stick is designed to connect the holes in the toys and the panels.

Play with endless possibilities

Using the universal connecting parts, children are encourage make use of their creativity to recreate their own toys from the old toy parts. The combination is endless.


Creating value in cheap & disposable plastic toys

Given shorts product life cycle of plastic toys yet how popular they are in every household, they are so easily replaceable. Children often discard them when it is faulty or no longer interesting without much thought. This leads us to wonder if there is a design opportunities in extending the lifespan of plastic toys.


We discovered that small plastic toys parts are put together using the same mechanism

To be more specific in our study , we look into palm size plastic toys - a common type of cheap plastic toys that break easily and would be thrown away. We discovered one thing they have in common, that is having standardised holes on toy parts where the screws used to fit.


Plastic toys lose it's value not for the decline in usability but due to the user losing interest

How can we extend the value of plastic toys by pro-longing user interest?


Leveraging on universal screw mechanism we began building our own connecting parts

Initial prototypes were made and tested out on different toys to find the best universal form that fits the joints of the toys. The goal is find the most optimum form that sparks creativity.

user testing

Refining our prototypes from user testing on our target user - parent and child

Multiple product testing sessions were held with parents and child to refine the usability of the product and packaging instruction. 4 version of product Iterations were made before we decided on the final form - panels consisting of rectangular and oval pieces to product outline but not too direct

product outcome

We got some interesting toy combination from our product trials