Watchful - An table top calendar that draws conscious to the passing of days through encouraging user interactions

We can spark delight through re-designing the interaction of a product while keeping it's function ? Adopting a whimsical form to spice up any workspace, watchful is an interactive table top calendar that challenges the function driven form of a standard paper calendar.


Form Studies
Material Selection


Feb - Apr 2020


Jieying (Designer)
Under the guidance of Studio Juju

Reimagining the form & interaction of a table top calendar

Watchful consists of a L-shaped body that embrace the date & month ring attached to it's body. It acts as a decorative piece to any workspace, table top or room interior.

See product image for interaction & details↓


Tangibilise the passing of days through the action of turning

To visualise the date, turn the day & month ring to change the date in focus within the rectangular window. Watchful urges the user update the date in focus, drawing awareness to the passing of days.


Can changing interaction of the calendar foster more mindfulness to the passing of days?

Watchful was inspired by a traditional paper calendar. We all have one of those calendars that either exists on our table side or the living room wall. I was intrigued that the act of checking the calendar is a daily habit but we have never questioned it's form.

I wonder by changing the form of the calendar, can we provoke more conscious to this daily action of date checking? And can we spark delight in the user through a different form of interaction?


Studying day to day interactions of a calendar

I started off  by studying the interactions of a paper calendar.
- Flipping of the calendar's page signifies the change in days, the passing of time. Can we carry the significance of this action forward into our design?


Sketches & Prototypes

Sketches and paper prototypes were made to visualise the form and interactions.

Manufacturing procedure

Watchful was designed to be cost effective for mass production

Stability of the watchful calendar was an important factor in deciding the material choice. Split into 3 parts for easy construction, Watchful's body is achieved through air bending of steel sheets and joined through soldering.

See detailed industrial drawing for dimension ↓